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Seed potatoes

The quality of seed potatoes is an important factor in determining the yield and health of the harvested crop. Developed by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE), the UNECE Standard for Seed Potatoes sets common terminology and minimum commercial quality requirements for the certification of high-quality seed intended for marketing internationally. It is a unique international frame of reference, covering all aspects related to seed-potato certification: (a) varietal identity and purity; (b) genealogy and traceability; (c) diseases and pests; (d) external quality; (e) sizing of tubers; and (f) labelling. 

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Seed Potato Standard S-1 1961/2018 PDF PDF PDF

The Potato Diseases, Pests and Defects Guide online App
Seed Potato Poster .pdf
Information leaflet on the Seed Potato Standard EnglishFrench Russian
Food Loss and Waste - The case of Seed Potato certification and the UNECE Seed Potato Certification Standard
Position of Specialized Section on: ENG FRE RUS
Cutting tubers DOC DOC DOC
Potato virus Y DOC DOC DOC
Vigour of seed potatoes DOC DOC DOC
Blackleg Statement DOC DOC DOC
Silver scurf DOC DOC DOC
Sprouted tubers DOC - -
True Potato Seed DOC DOC DOC

Guide to Seed Potato Field Inspection: Recommended Practices (ECE/TRADE/421)
Guide to Seed Potato Diseases, Pests and Defects (ECE/TRADE/416)

Guide on Operating a Seed Potato Certification Service


Guide on Seed Potato Lot Inspection 


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Seed Potatoes