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Temperate and Boreal Forests Resource Assessment (TBFRA 2000)

The main report includes statistical and descriptive information together with analysis undertaken by high level experts in the following thematic areas: Area of Forest and Other Wooded Land, Ownership and Management Status, Wood Supply and Carbon Sequestration; Biological Diversity and Environmental Protection; Forest Condition and Damage; and Protective and Socio-Economic Functions.
 Download the full database: TBFRA.ZIP, 36.2 MB

What is TBFRA 2000?
  • It contains data, by country, on all aspects of the forests of North America, Europe, CIS. Australia, New Zealand and Japan
  • It is a contribution to the global Forest Resource Assessment 2000 (FRA), led by FAO. TBFRA data will be included in the FRA data set to provide a single global source of data on the world's forests, with comparable terms and definitions for all countries.
  • Data were supplied by national correspondents, adjusted to conform to international definitions, and validated by ECE/FAO Geneva

  • The work was guided by a team of specialists and the Joint FAO/ECE Working Party on Forest Economics and Statistics. 
  • The team met in May 2000, in Joensuu, Finland.  See the report of the meeting.
Contents of TBFRA 2000
  • 81 main tables of data by country
  • Notes and comments on the data, provided by national correspondents (sources, inventory concepts, methods of adjustment to international definitions etc.)
  • Six major chapters by leading experts in the field, presenting the broad picture and analysing the major issues
  • A special chapter on the reliability, comparability and precision of the data
  • An Executive Summary.pdf

A few key figures from TBFRA 2000

  • 1.7 billion ha of forest in the TBFRA region. The largest area of forest is in Russia ( 817 million ha) and Canada (245 million ha)
  • 800 million ha of "other wooded land", more than a half of all are in Australia.
  • 925 million ha of forest "undisturbed by man", mostly in Canada and Russia
  • 62 million ha of plantations
  • Area of forest and other wooded land in the TBFRA region expanding at the rate of 1.95 million ha/year
  • 188 billion m3 of growing stock in the temperate and boreal forests, an average over the region of 112 m3/ha
  • Net annual increment 3800 million m3/year of which 2500, on forest available for wood supply
  • Annual fellings on forest available for wood supply about 1400 million m3, only 55% of increment is felled
  • Temperate and boreal forests are subject to damage by fire, insects, storm, game and pollution, with strong local variations (see chapter for overview)

  • Biodiversity and the environment protection functions of the forests are analysed in a special TBFRA chapter, but generalisations at the region level are not possible.
The report is a part of the Global Forest Resources Assessment:
For the fourth Ministerial Conference on the Protection of Forests in Europe, Vienna, April 2003, ECE/FAO made a number of contributions including data collected through the Forest Resource Assessment (FRA) network and in coordination with the global FRA on indicators of sustainable forest management, the foundation of the joint publication on the State of Europe’s Forests 2003, which was presented to the ministers:
NOTE for users of the TBFRA-2000 electronic database CD-Rom
"The UNECE/FAO  published and distributed a CD-Rom containing the TBFRA-2000 electronic database, as well as the Main TBFRA-2000 Report. The database has been basically elaborated and published in the Access97 format. After the CD-Rom was launched, the positive responses from users confirm that this product is another important source of the temperate/boreal forest resource information, and a useful tool for scientists, researchers; all those interested in the TBFRA data. 

For convenience of users, the database was also made available in Access2000. Due to some unexpected compilation errors the Access2000 version might not function properly on some computers (configurations). 

How to repair the Access2000 version of the TBFRA-2000 database ?

The database has been repaired (see TBFRA.ZIP, below).  For those who have a copy of the CD, here is a small program, which repairs the compilation errors in the existing files.

What you are kindly requested to do is the following:

  • please delete your tbfra2000.mdb from your hard disc
  • copy the Access2000 version from the CD to the root directory of your C: or D: drive
  • in the Explorer set its write protection to "No"
  • unzip the file "" attached to this message to the same root directory where your   tbfra2000.mdb is. This will create a file called “repairtbfra2000.mdb”
  • open repairtbfra2000.mdb, it will start to work automatically
  • click on the button which fits to the location of your files
  • in the message window click on the OK button
  • now it should work for 5-6 minutes or may be much more, but finally you will be informed about the successful termination of the task
  • now close repairtbfra2000.mdb. (At this moment there is no database open.)
  • after this you can move the “TBFRA”000.mdb” database to any folder you wish
  • When its is ready please open tbfra2000 and test it (it should be OK).
Please let us know if the new database, which will be labelled as version 3.1, date 16.06.2001 is working well on your machine. 
(you can also send a message to [email protected])



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