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Nomination of candidates TIRExB 2017-2018

16 December 2016
Having solicited candidates who wish to stand for election as members of the TIR Executive Board (see news of 25 October 2016), the secretariat is reproducing below a list of all candidates nominated by Contracting Parties to the TIR Convention (in English alphabetical order):
  • Mr. Sergey AMELYANOVICH (Russian Federation)

  • Mr. Guilhem ANDRIEU (France)

  • Mr. Mostafa AYATI (Islamic Republic of Iran)

  • Mrs. Didem DIRLIK SONGÜR (Turkey)

  • Mrs. Beata GAJDA (Poland)

  • Mrs. Lenka JELINKOVA (European Commission)

  • Mr. Sergii SOMKA (Ukraine)

  • Mrs. Elisaveta TAKOVA (Bulgaria)

  • Mr. Farid VALIYEV (Azerbaijan)

The TIRExB election will take place during the sixtieth session of the TIR Administrative Committee (Geneva, 15-16 February 2017) and is scheduled to be conducted on 16 February 2016, as of 10.00 hours, Room XII. The election procedure, adopted by the TIR Administrative Committee, is contained in Informal document WP.30/AC.2 No. 1 (2017) (English, French and Russian).