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Mineral Case Studies

Publication: ECE Energy Series 58: Application of UNFC Case Studies 2019   - A series of case studies on various resource projects, including niobium, oil & gas, rare earth elements, thorium and uranium, from different countries. The case studies serve to demonstrate how UNFC could be applied to assure sustainable resource management. 

Category Year Title ENG FRE RUS SPA
Mineral resources 2023 ECE/ENERGY/GE.3/2023/7 - UNFC Case Study: Titanium deposit, the Piampaludo exploration project in Italy pdf      



ECE/ENERGY/GE.3/2022/15 - UNFC – A Case Study on Graphite 





Rare earth


ECE/ENERGY/GE.3/2022/12 - UNFC Case Study: Rare Earth Elements, Exploration Prospects and Secondary Resources in Sweden 





Send and gravel


ECE/ENERGY/GE.3/2022/13 - UNFC Case Study from Austria - Sand and Gravel Resources in Greenfield Areas 





Limestone, sand and gravel


UNFC Case Studies from Finland/Estland, Sweden and Norway - Nordkalk limestone and Forsand sand and gravel mines
ECE/ENERGY/GE.3/2020/10 (English only) -Set of case studies prepared by the Geological Survey of Norway, the Geological Survey of Sweden, Nordkalk, Forsand Sandkompani and Petronavitas a.s.





Soild fules and mineral commodities 2020

Case Studies on Bridging from National Standard of the People's Republic of China Classification for Resources/Reserves of Solid Fuels and Mineral Commodities (GB/T 17766-1999) to UNFC ECE/ENERGY/GE.3/2020/9 

Four case studies to serve as guidance and reference to demonstrate the application of the Bridging Document Between the Classification for Resources/Reserves of Solid Fuels and Mineral Commodities (GB/T 17766-1999) and the United Nations Framework Classification for Resources (UNFC).

pdf  pdf  pdf   
Mineral resources 2017 A guidance for the application of UNFC-2009 for mineral resources in Finland, Norway and Sweden
EGRC-8/2017/INF.8 (Unofficial document in English only) as at 21 April 
Mineral / Nuclear 2014 Case study: Application of UNFC-2009 to solid minerals (2014) ECE/ENERGY/GE.3/2014/4 (English only)
Set of 5 case studies (Coal – Australia; Gold – USA, Indonesia, Australia, Mongolia; Uranium – Australia, Namibia; Polymetallic – Australia; Industrial and Construction materials – Various geographies; Exploration Projects – Australia, Mongolia)