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ITDBonline+ now fully operational

6 June 2012
Following the successful launch in February 2012, the ITDBonline+ website is now fully operational. Compared to the previous ITDBonline website which only allowed on-line consultation with the data on authorized TIR Carnet holders, the new ITDBoline+ website allows interactive electronic procedures between the national TIR association and the competent Customs authorities when authorizing TIR Carnet holders and maintaining their data in the International TIR Data Bank (ITDB). Moreover, Customs authorities are now able to directly amend data on TIR Carnet holders from their country, as contained in ITDB.
During a transition phase of 4 months, the UNECE TIR secretariat has been maintaining both ITDBonline and ITDBonline+ websites. With the end of this transition phase, the old ITDBonline website is being discontinued.  The users accessing the ITDBonline website will be automatically redirected to ITDBonline+. The UNECE TIR secretariat, in collaboration with the TIR Customs Focal Points, has recently distributed new accounts and access information concerning ITDBonline+. Should some Customs users of ITDBonline not be able to access the ITDBonline+ website, they are advised to contact the UNECE TIR secretariat as soon as possible.
Contact: UNECE TIR secretariat