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(86th ITC) Side event: Hydrogen Truck demonstration

(86th ITC) Side event: Hydrogen Truck demonstration

20 February 2024
Palais des Nations, Building E Geneva Switzerland

The demonstration supported by DEKRA for the high-level segment of the 86th ITC was showcasing the latest technological advancements in the field of goods transport in terms of environmental performance.
Climate Change mitigation requires changes in the Transport Sector. Technical progress will be part of the answer, and many of our members have already committed to electrification.

Following our precedent demonstration of an electric truck, our next spotlight was on a hydrogen-fuel cell powered truck, highlighting our commitment to exploring innovative solutions for sustainable transport.
The committee is dedicated to supporting technological progress that supports the SDGs and this demonstration is a testament to our continuous efforts in this regard.

Join us during the afternoon coffee break on Tuesday 20 February 2024 to look at the hydrogen truck, gain insights into the technology and discuss with the experts the success factors of electrified vehicles.
Don't miss this opportunity to discuss sustainable transportation advancements!

Supported by DEKRA

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