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Webinar: Tools for developing the projects to attract innovative financing for Nur-Sultan

05 June 2020

Time: 10:00–13:00 CET

The webinar was organized by UNECE in cooperation with Astana Innovations and the Department of Digitalization of Kazakhstan. This event was part of the UNDA “Smart Sustainable Cities for the 2030 Agenda on Sustainable Development and the New Urban Agenda in the UNECE Region” project. It was aimed at strengthening the technical capacity of local governments for the implementation of urban development projects and programmes, specifically by developing the long-term vision of city development through concrete investable projects.

Participants in the webinar were presented with the UNECE Approach to the Financing of the Sustainable and Smart City Projects. 21 representatives from five different city and national government organizations participated in the webinar.


Agenda and presentations

5796 _ Agenda - Nur-Sultan webinar, 05 June 2020 _ 351752 _ English _ 773 _ 317782 _ pdf
5796 _ Agenda - Nur-Sultan webinar, 05 June 2020 _ 351752 _ Russian _ 864 _ 317783 _ pdf


 Astana Innovations
Gulnara Roll


Presentation of Pedro Neves


Nur-Sultan webinar 05 June 2020