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Global Road Safety Partnership (GRSP) 20th Anniversary Event

On 12 June 2019, the Special Envoy delivered remarks at the GRSP’s celebratory event, alongside World Health Organization (WHO) as well as the Secretary-General of International Federation of Red Cross (IFRC).
Formed in 1999 and hosted by the IFRC, GRSP is committed to sustainable reduction of road traffic fatalities and injuries in low- and middle- income countries. 


In his remarks, the Special Envoy expressed appreciation for GRSP’s contribution to addressing road safety, emphasizing the importance of a multi-sectoral approach towards tackling the issue. He further highlighted several examples of opportunities for partnership and commitment to the cause, such as UN Road Safety Trust Fund, Geneva Friends of Road Safety Network and the upcoming Third Ministerial Conference on Road Safety.
In conclusion, the Special Envoy called for rigorous coordinated approach towards making a real difference in addressing road safety challenge in the coming years.