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UN4Kharkiv: Integrated Rehabilitation of Settlements (Territories) in Ukraine

With a pilot project in the city of Kharkiv
Background information
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To support the immediate reconstruction efforts in cities and other human settlements, the Ministry for Communities and Territories Development of Ukraine has elaborated a draft framework for Plans for the Integrated Rehabilitation of Settlements (Territories). The local governments are expected to apply the Plans, in cooperation with the Ministry and with the support of international partners providing expert assistance, tools and best practices.

To test the approach proposed in the draft Plan, the Ministry initiated a first pilot project on the development of a reconstruction plan in the city, Kharkiv. The Plan is expected to become a blueprint for the reconstruction of other Ukrainian cities and towns.

Given the thorough knowledge of UNECE on the housing and land management systems of Ukraine, the Government of Ukraine invited UNECE to:

  1. Provide an analysis and proposals for revisions to the draft framework for the Plans for the Integrated Rehabilitation of Settlements (Territories) and support its implementation;
  2. Support the implementation of the pilot project on the reconstruction plan for the city of Kharkiv;
  3. Based on the revised Plan for the Integrated Rehabilitation of Settlements (Territories), establish a list of potential donors and elaborate city-based financing mechanisms for infrastructure projects.

To respond to the request from the Ministry for Communities and Territories Development, UNECE and other United Nations agencies organized the following meetings:

  • “Building Back Better Kharkiv” - First coordination meeting with the Ministry for Communities and Territories Development of Ukraine and city government of Kharkiv to discuss the cooperation on a draft reconstruction plan of the city of Kharkiv on 12 April 2022;
  • A meeting with the city government of Kharkiv, Architect Norman Foster and representatives of the Norman Foster Foundation[1], on 18 April 2022, to discuss the planning of the work on the pilot project on urban reconstruction in the city of Kharkiv (press-statement by the Norman Foster Foundation)
  • Two meetings of the UN4Kharkiv Task Force on 5 and 24 May 2022 with the participation of representatives of twelve United Nations agencies and other international organizations
  • A meeting with local architects of Kharkiv on 28 May 2022 on the city’s master plan 
  • Weekly initiative coordination meetings between the Kharkiv city government, UNECE and the Norman Foster Foundation.


The project is funded by the Regular Programme of Technical Cooperation (RPTC).


Objective of the project

The objective of this project is to support the efforts of the national and local governments in Ukraine for the planning of and preparations for rebuilding and reconstruction of cities to support achieving the SDGs and based on the “building back better” principle.

The project will result in the development of:

  1. Master plan for the city of Kharkiv which will be developed under the leadership of and with substantial expert contribution from the Norman Foster Foundation;
  2. The revised draft national framework Plan for the Integrated Rehabilitation of Settlements (Territories) and relevant supporting documents for the draft Plan;
  3. A proposal for the establishment of a mechanism for financing city-level infrastructure projects with a set of documents (including a proposal for the organization of the financing, project application, etc);
  4. A list of potential donors to support city-level projects in Ukraine;
  5. A technology selector tool to support the use of advanced energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies and equipment and least carbon-intensive construction materials in the reconstruction process.


26 September 2022 - Workshop "Affordable, decent and healthy housing for Ukrainian cities"



1 The Norman Foster Foundation is a host organization for the UNECE Centre of Excellence on Sustainable Housing in Spain. For more information on the Centres of Excellence, please visit



Local architects to contribute to the development of the new master plan for Kharkiv

UNECE to coordinate UN Task Force on new Master Plan for the city of Kharkiv