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Policy brief: National Policy Guiding Principles for Forest Landscape Restoration

Cover image - degraded land and mountains in the back

Despite a plethora of tools and trainings available for practitioners and policymakers in the realm of forest landscape restoration (FLR), there is a lack of guidance on creating a favourable enabling policy environment for successful and sustainable FLR interventions. The National Policy Guiding Principles (NPGP) outlined in this document have been developed to support such policy development. In light of the global commitments pledged under the Bonn Challenge, such support could be beneficial in order to increase the success of countries’ ongoing restoration efforts. The document has been developed as a tool for national forest authorities engaged in FLR, and aims to support them in identifying and adapting their national FLR-related policies, strategies and laws according to available best practice and evidence. The NPGP are composed of thematic and cross-cutting principles, which contain basic ideas or rules explaining how FLR should work (see Chapters 4 and 5). Each principle is introduced by a rationale, followed by a set of proposed criteria (i.e., the requirement that must be met to consider that the principle is applied), and a short description of the expected benefits.