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In many countries, the application of UNECE standards for agricultural products - but also the application of national marketing standards - is monitored by inspection. A certificate of conformity may confirm compliance with the standards. These certificates often play a special role in export or even import. Especially, when they must be available before customs clearance.

The movement of perishable agricultural products is fast. At no point along the transport route should the goods stand for an unnecessarily long time. It is therefore important that the inspection and the issuing of the certificates be carried out within a reasonable period. Often, issuing certificates in paper form - with signature and stamp - and waiting for these papers is time-consuming. In addition, care must be taken to ensure that these documents are not tampered with and are carried in the means of transport and properly presented at the next control point or customs. To ensure this an electronic certificate can provide significant relief. With an e-certificate, the information can be transported faster and more securely from the control service to the recipient of the message.

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